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Our basket full of homemade products and regional delicacies

Breakfast basket every day

Upon request we prepare for you a basket full with delicious specialties, so you can know our products.
Every day Farmer Thomas milks his cows that give him tasty milk, while we get fresh eggs from our hens. The home-made yoghurt and the jams have a very special taste.  Coffee comes directly from Caroma, the town roasting house, while we buy our herbal tea from the Pflegerhof.
We receive the apple juice and the authentic honey from our neighbour Tasiolerhof.
We buy cheese and butter from the dairy factory MILA, where we deliver our milk to.
The offer of home-made sausages and speck is completed by some other local products from our village. Every morning the baker brings us healthy bread rolls and from time to time we bake our own bread.
At you table you will find seasonal fruit as well as fresh oat flakes and delicious muesli.
In the evening you can enjoy a good Antonius beer from the Brewery in Völs.

Speck und Wein

Breakfast basket every day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: for this reason we will offer you a delicious breakfast basket every day of your holidays.

So every morning we will put a basket full of hot coffee/tea, milk, butter, home-made yoghurt, bread rolls, muesli, boiled eggs honey, sausages, cheese, apple juice, home-made jams and seasonal fruit at your disposal in front of your door. Obviously we try to fulfill all your requests!

The price of the basket depends from its size.